March 7, 2009 3:09am CST
If you are genius and would like to invent something, what would that be?
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@CatGods (4595)
• United States
7 Mar 09
Energize, beam me up Scotty transportation. Scotty was the engineer on Star Trek and Captain Kirk would always say Scotty beam me up. Or to unearth a Star Gate, just dial the coordinates and step through the gate and whamo you are on another planet. The Star Gate is from StarGate SG-1 But on a more serious note, I would like to see the hall of records uncovered which is located under the sphinx in Egypt.
• Philippines
7 Mar 09
Very nteresting!
• Marikina, Philippines
26 Oct 10
I like to invent "time machine" so that I'll go back in time and of course, this time machine would help many people around the world. It is not just for me, but for everyone... he he he he he (^_^)
@threnos (216)
• Canada
25 Jul 09
I think that to create a machine that makes something larger or smaller would be extremely handy. This is probably because of the effect the film "Honey I Shrunk the Kids" had on my childhood. Honestly, though, I believe that it would be one of the more handy inventions due to the fact that it would be so helpful to the world and all of those who have a hard time making ends meet. Think about it, you buy one twinkie, blow it up and you have desert for the week! It goes for all food types as well. Being able to shrink things would be handy for traveling. It wouldn't matter how many things you packed inside your suitcase! Size would no longer matter.
@amibotea (168)
• Romania
8 Jul 09
And I would inveted a supergun to distroy the bad people:))) kid s mind:))
@amibotea (168)
• Romania
8 Jul 09
I would invented an irrigation sistem, than we could warm the warm and we could save our cultivation
@intari (191)
• Indonesia
11 Mar 09
if i am a genius one, i'll invent a robot and a car with high technology that everythings there inside in some movies.