Certain Uncertainties.

@mkchaves (533)
March 7, 2009 6:12am CST
I wrote this last March 6 2009. I just want to share to everyone whose having uncertainties about their lives or whatever. Well, as humans. Most of the things we feel are composed of dreams, false hopes, regrets, UNCERTAINTIES and more. Let me share to you my thoughts about it. The uncertainty in our lives increases to a point where you feel nothing can be understood anymore, that nothing can solved or made whole again. There will be QUESTIONS we will ask ourselves. WHAT IS TRUTH? WHAT IS THE ANSWER? This or That? Uncertainty cannot be dissolved and the questioning cannot end. But, the anxiety towards the fear of the unknown should be accepted as part of life. The sooner as it's done, the sooner clarity can be achieved. As much as their are uncertainties in Life, there are also CERTAINTIES. This is WHAT makes Life both challenging and shall I say delightful(?), because it has the ability to be contradicting and a balance. What can we do? Well, Learn more, keep our minds open to change, keep our hearts fixed on personal truths and knowledge. We can persevere, we can enjoy our given time on earth. We're already here... We might as well stay. Be good, bad things come, but so do good things. IT IS UP TO US TO FIND FOCUS. :D
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