globel warming

March 7, 2009 6:36am CST
Globel warming is the one of the problem caused by the earth. This is due to the decrement in the forest, concreat buliding etc. This problem is solved by the increamnt of forest
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• Philippines
7 Mar 09
well, when we will be developing forest areas again with top speed, this will slow down the degradation of mother earth. global warming has come about fast and quick, instead of slowly and creeping because, man has been so mean to mother earth. without due regard to what pollution and contamination can do to the environment, many persons go on activities which are too damaging to the environment in terms of running factories which do not observe mitigating measures. then again, the forests are thinning so fast. people just are in so much need for wood. the growth of new trees cannot cope with the demands for more and more wood. this means that population explosion has become too much for mother earth to cope with. so how many among us are willing to do our share in planting more trees and on cutting on population growth rate? those who are actively participating on these points are the ones who truly care.