How to be feel good when you are feeling pain inside?

March 7, 2009 11:16am CST
some times in really bad conditions we need to keep fake smile in our face. So I want to know how to feel good when you are depressed, sad, unhappy? Is their any formula to forget the pain or for overcomming it.
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@angel2009 (210)
• India
8 Mar 09
It has happened a lot of times with me,that is,I may be dying from inide but still had to keep a fake smile in my lips and pretend like nothing has happened. It's tough, it's difficult but what we say...this is life. Life is a drama and we are actors of this play and this world is our stage. We have to act and struggle as long as we live. But as it is said most times joy is the reason for your smile let sometimes be your smile the reason for your joy..I think like that. When I am very depressed and still smiling for a cause and see myself in the mirror,I, kind of forget my grief seeing my own smile. There is no such formula to forget your pain. The only formula is time and your positive approach towards life.So keep smiling always!!
• India
9 Mar 09
Thanx a lot dear for tagging me best response...
@klaudine (3652)
• Indonesia
7 Mar 09
I don't think you can feel good whenever you're facing a bad condition. It is impossible for you to do that. We're human, and human has feelings and I believe it is hard to control what we're feeling about something. It's emotional. But we can feel better about bad things happen around us. Maybe it would sound lame, but I would say it anyway. Deal with it. When we deal with things we don't like, trying to accept out condition, you wouldn't feel that bad. It might not makes you feel happy, or glad, but at least you would feel relieved. Better than feeling bad. Good luck
• India
8 Mar 09
thank you for your valuable response.
@bombshell (11266)
• Germany
8 Mar 09
thats what we call" laughing outside and crying inside." we cant pretend what we feel happy even painside but we still can smile is like roller coaster so keep on smiling and think negative thats makes you feel happy.