Would you marry someone who....

@tjades (3592)
March 7, 2009 12:27pm CST
abondoned their partner and child/children? There are persons out there who walked away from a relationship leaving not just the partner behind but the children of that union as well. Men are more known to commit this act but there are women who do it as well. They just up one day and decide they are not ready for such a committment and they pack their stuff and walk out on their family. Would you get involved with someone wno you found out abondoned their family? Now I know women especially tend to think that they can change a man and that he will want to be with her more than the other woman and before you know it he leaves her with a child or two as well. I definately would not get involved with a man who for no reason or for just some menial reasons upped and left his family. What he did to them he will more than likely do to me. What about you. Would you get involved with a man or a woman who walked out on their family? If you can, do elaborate on your choice. Why or why not.
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@maean_19 (4661)
• Philippines
8 Mar 09
This is always a common mistake with respect to commitment or relationship. We tend to find or love the person whom we are compatible with. We see more of our similarities and never notice each other's flaws or weaknesses. That is why many relationships are breaking or separating because of irreconcilable differences. Abandonment is rooted from unresolved issues, it is a way of escape. If a guy has a background of abandoning his family, I would certainly would not like to be involved or committed to him because he will tend to do the same to me. It may be true that people matures or comes to reason, but the attitude of abandoning his family is not one of those circumstances. I would rather advise him to go back to his family and face the issues than start a life with me.