What was the last lie you said?

March 7, 2009 10:16pm CST
Mylot-ers.... What was the last lie you said? Me, Yesterday, after our defense for thesis proposal, we went to the mall... and i checked my wallet, oh my gosh. I only bring few bucks with me... i think i must do something with it. My parents also havent sent me money, so i keep the problem myself. Few minutes after, we passed by the cinema and they are many posters for the latest movie...and i saw SHOPAHOLIC... it must be a nice movie. One of my friends said "lets watch" and i know that to reject maybe feel terrible for me because i want to watch also, but im not kind of person who easily go to people and ask money to borrow. Hmmm... I dont want to tell anyone if ever i have financial problems... ahaha And i said, hmm... im sorry, im sleepy. I want to go home early... May i go home now? I will watch it next time... heheh... and they believed what i said. So i go home and save the money that left for today. hiks...
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@pickwick (858)
• India
8 Mar 09
The last lie I told was a couple od days ago.I rang up my boss and told him I needed a leave as i was not feeling well.Then I went with friends for a movie,had lunch in our favourite joint and did a lot of shopping!