What's your favourite childhood memory?

March 7, 2009 10:27pm CST
What's your favourite childhood memory? Is your favorite memory you spent with someone you love? Is the person still alive or not? I had my favorite childhood memory when i was 3 or 4 years old before i enter kindergarten. I stayed with my grandparents from mother side. I slept in the room where my grandpa sleep also... In the morning, he will prepare bread and milk for me. He also good in makin porridge. He had some pigs and ducks... he put them at the back of the house. The pigs were big and healthy and i love to see the pig eating the food that my grandpa gave to them. Heheh... They smell terrible but they look cute. ahaha... what im going to say now? Do i like pig or not? The pig is smelly, but they still cute... ahhhaha When they are being catched for the "lechon" they will cry and the sound is terrible. The duck? Every morning the ducks will give egg... ehahah... There are many banana trees at the back in the hourse near where my grandpa raise the ducks. And every morning you can find at least one egg near at the root of the banana trees... I accompany my grandpa to look for the egg... if i found one, my grandpa would boil it and put it in the small plate. He prepared it for my breakfast. I love my grandpa so much... He passed away last year... Sometimes, he come to my dream and i felt like he still alive...
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• China
8 Mar 09
The happy time with my friends.But now some of them are far away from me.
• India
8 Mar 09
hai, i m naveen and i have a pond near to my farms,when we r child ,my bro and me go for swimming in that pond and do the fishing,whenever i remember those days they excite me.