Are you a YAP? Young Affluent Pretender?

March 8, 2009 3:28am CST
I see many youth nowadays who are pressured with the need to be in fashion and be with popular groups in the campus. The media industry is feeding their mind the feeling of 'I belong' to the new breed who owns this stuff. For example, the media advertising is telling the youth that they should have a new model of cellphones or cars so they can be popular and win girls. I know some people, young or old, who pretend that they can afford these things so they could mix themselves with the richer crowd. Do you think that possessions is one of the keys in winning people?
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@dhisaw (304)
• United States
8 Mar 09
I do not think that possessions is one of the keys of winning people. I do know some people like that though. The only thing about the people I know are actually trying to make people feel like they are paying all the bills and everything else. Then to turn around and find out that they are not and that they want to act like they are better than others. For me I know that they are just trying to live beyond their means. The couple I know that are like this end up doing other things instead of paying their bills and things happen like their electricity and phone get shut off. That just means to them to try to get someone else to pay the bills so that they can still go around saying that they are taking care of it all. I do not think things make a person.