danger when riding a jeepney (public transportation)

@orevro (716)
March 8, 2009 7:26am CST
Thank God I wasn't hurt. Just yesterday, i was on my way to school riding a jeepney when suddenly, 2 of the passangers agressively asked for our cellphones. They said they had a guns and they will shoot us if we don't obey them. The lady in front of me tried to get away but the man beside her caged her in the egde of the jeepney. They were able to get her cellphone. I had a big tarpaulin on my hands. When the guy beside me touched my bag, my hand instinctively held on to the tarpaulin and i had an adrenaline rush! I positioned the tarpaulin as if i was about to attack them.. i don't know if they got scared but i was ready to attack them if they tried anything funny again. they pulled over and jumped out of the jeepney..
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