What do you think about what I created.

United States
March 8, 2009 10:24am CST
The credit goes to me, as I used each word using my mind :). Anyway, here it is, Please give me feedback on my song/poem. Today is the day I left, If I don't die today then I should never die. I know, I know....I know there is nothing between you and me, the past hurts...Something is now missing, we live then age quickly. We are at our handsome and beauty ages...At night we can't walk, silence dominates over us... Today is the day when I met you.. I don't know who to love anymore.. The only thing I have, to remember is 1 picture of you.. I understand now, if you really loved. your laughter will rule the silence. Pain is filling in my heart, hurting it and bringing down to drown...Can't breathe when I see you, or talk.. Can you hear the hearts beating? Well I can.. I saw you walk past that night.. I remember all the good days, the days when we laughed.. Its all over now, with nonsense that will take over. There is something between us now... We are left alone, like a child with a dunce hat. I understand there is nothing between you and me....Close your eyes, listen to the nature, and wait in silence. Give me feedback please, anything I should fix at all let me know.
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