Iam new to mylot..can anybody tell me some tips to get more..

@Amigo523 (121)
March 8, 2009 11:00am CST
Hi every one, any tips for the new commer ..
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@drdivu (1011)
• India
8 Mar 09
hey.. write some sensible,minimum four lines...the no in bracket is the no of scraps written by u til date..u are better than me.. i wrote only few lines till now though coz of less time..Good going..!! all the best.. happy mylotting...
• Canada
8 Mar 09
I really don't know because I'm new to MyLot too. I'll be watching your discussion to see how others recommend we use MyLot. Good Luck
@sahed159 (369)
8 Mar 09
Just select some interest, write discussion,upload picture,make friend and response others discussion. That's enough.
@buggles64 (2715)
• United States
8 Mar 09
I'm also a newcomer to mylot. My best advice is to go to "myinterests" at the top of the page, and add items that interest you. Once you get your interestes on your profile, then just start posting. It's fun when you get to post to topics that you are passionate about rather than randomly posting on any topic. Sometimes it is also fun to check out other areas outside of your interests...as always keep an open mind and be respectful of others that are also posting.