Do you use limewire often?

United States
March 8, 2009 1:25pm CST
Do you use limewire to download music often? I found it has limited choice of genre, and song list from a particular artist. I won't say that is a bad software, but do you have better choice of p2p software other than limewire?
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• India
21 May 09
I have been using limewire but now shifted to torrent.I used limewire for 2 years but then when i download something it happens to be another thng and i feel i ahve wasted my time on that download ...lately havent been using any though
• India
28 Apr 09
I was using limewire before 2 yars .. I stopped using lime wire because it passs virus from its network .. Many of my friends warned me to not to use that for any kinf download .. But I was crazy for songs .. So I was using it like anything ..... But the thing is ... It's quite risky ....
@Reyah23 (641)
• Philippines
6 Apr 09
I used to have limewire in our computer before. But since i got lots of viruses from this site we decided to uninstall it. So whenever we wanted something like p2p and music, we ask our friend to download it with us.
23 Mar 09
I use limewire. I only really download music and never tried searching up the genre. I just typed in the artist and song name. OOoo I think I shall try that torrent software that's just been commented on here hehe.
@rockroy (65)
• Hong Kong
19 Mar 09
I think limewire is the best p2p software. Usually I search some new songs or movies on it. Or when I get a p2p link file, I will use limewire to down it. I often get them shortly. You need a good personal firewall and a good Antivirus. I am using ZoneAlarm Basic firewall and avast Home Edition.
• Philippines
8 Mar 09
Limewire sucks really, Full of viruses and It's slow. Why not try Torrent? This is the best for software, music, and movie download, and It's easy to use it. Go to then download it. Install, then ready to go ^_~ Hit me back for torrent sites if ya want, or you can search it from you favorite search engine ^_^
@emilie2300 (1891)
• United States
8 Mar 09
I use limewire when I am looking for a new song that came out. Or new movie or program. I really like Limewire. I feel it is better than frostwire.