job losses

United States
March 8, 2009 7:24pm CST
why is it even though there are bailouts happening to companies people are still losing there jobs. i dont understand it.
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@tonniek02 (457)
• United States
9 Mar 09
The bailout out was never intended to help the little people...If it was, the small buisness would be getting those bail out. Not the big companies that have most of there assests over seas. This bail out should have never happened. They could have helped this country, if they would have just made the companys that have gone over seas to come back. They could have made them come back by just taxing the hW#l out of them when they bring there products back to america to sale. I refussed to by OLD NAVY when I lost my job to Mexico. The head quarter that make the tee-shirts for OLD NAVY is in St. Louis MO. But they could make bigger profits by sending the work to Mexico, were they pay them $6.00 a day. And bring the product back to america and sell it for Hug profits. And give the companys that have stayed here the bail out, If they need that or just send someone in there to help them reorganize to build there company back up. Greed has taken over and the banks are the core of the problem. They have proven they have the wrong people in the wrong possitions. And if they need a bail out already again then someone needs to be doing so time. Banks collect more money then most companys. SO why should they be bailed out....Go to my discussion about bailout....why? Read what I mean by it..