I need help... anybody...

@sammy14 (835)
March 9, 2009 1:05am CST
Heloo... anybody here who knows about helium... is this for real or its only a scam trying to fleece out ideas from people thru written articles submitted to www.helium.com.. I had this bad experience recently whrein i was enticed by somebody from mylot to write for this website... however after signing up with them and writing my first article and crediting $5 to my account... I can no longer sign in with this website!! how come.. if you had this experience let others know about this scam so that others will not experience the same... Can you help me with this if i am wrong with my perception then om willing to retract my statement...
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@cvrajan (356)
• India
9 Mar 09
I write from India in Helium for the past 1-1/4 years and Helium is NOT a scam; I have earned near about $500 from the site. But of late, the site seems to have kept some writers from non-US countries "on hold" and they are not able to log on to Helium. I too faced the problem when I logged on to Helium Account from a city away from my home. But I have no problem logging on to my Helium account from my home. I posted this problem in Helium discussion board, buy I have not got a clear answer to this problem. May be the site is undergoing some transition, or the site is trying to restrict entry of members after initially allowing them, due to some reasons that they are not bold enough to disclose openly.
@sammy14 (835)
• Philippines
13 Mar 09
thank you for the comment.. however from the beginning they should be open.. that they should admit that asian countries or other countries for that matter are barred from joining helium so that you wont be wasting your time writing for them!!
@vu3nnn (85)
• India
17 Mar 09
I started writing for Helium around 2 months back, and was doing good, with many of my articles ranked #1. However, since the last two days I too have this same problem of not being able to log in. Funny thing is I happened to submit an article, then went out for some work, and when I returned two hours later, I find myself logged out and unable to log in again since then! I have send a message to help@helium.com, but haven't got a satisfactory reply so far.
@oyenkai (4398)
• Philippines
12 Mar 09
They made changes but I never checked again if I could log in or not after my first few articles because I found out that it's pretty tough to make some there - I don't have an audience to show them my posts so it's based on luck that somebody would end up reading it. Thanks for the response on my discussion!
• Philippines
11 Mar 09
hi sammy, i think it will depend on how you define a "scam." i've been surfing on the net finding information on how helium.com has been performing. here is what i found out: 1. they do pay their writers. but one testimonial claims that helium.com only pays SOME, not ALL, writers. 2. the articles you submit become their intellectual property. whatever you have submitted to them will then be theirs. you can't delete your article from their website and you won't be able to market that article anywhere else because you have passed on the intellectual property rights to them. 3. the website is experiencing problems. people from some countries have been having difficulties logging on. it will be a very frustrating experience to contribute dozens of articles and not be able to log on after a while, won't it? 4. they expose your personal information to others and you may get spam, and even stalkers (both online AND offline). i hope this has shed light on your question. here are a few online testimonials which you can read as they were writtn by former helium writers: http://www.my3cents.com/showReview.cgi?id33644. http://www.hubpages.com/hub/Heliumcom---Scam-Report. hope that helps!
@inkyuboz (1288)
• Mandaluyong City, Philippines
10 Mar 09
I'm not from the U.S. but I've already been paid by Helium. It certainly is NOT a scam and I can assure you they really pay you by the 10th of the month. I hope this clears things up.
@Ritchelle (3797)
• Philippines
9 Mar 09
based on the amount of money you'd get and the effort you need to put there: it may be a scam. i have writings there. but management is so bad that in their expansion thing i am disabled in logging in (together with other writers in some countries). the management is so bad that they keep on sending e-mails asking me to improve my one star rate there and join their market place. duh?! i thought they can know which country one is from these days? don't they know i'm not able to log-in?
@iakulchen (615)
• Singapore
9 Mar 09
It appears that some members from India and Phillipines have been affected and are unable to log in due to Helium making some changes to it's site. And no, it's not a scam.