Is he into you?

United States
March 9, 2009 1:44am CST
I have went on a date with this nice guy and we only been talking for almost a month. Before we went on our first date we talked the first night for about 4 hours then after that day he texted less and called less. I texted him and asked if he is still interested? I know most guy would say yes just to keep you hanging on or wouldn't they? He told me he liked me and that he is still interested just doesnt like talking on the phone much. I find that hard to believe but I didnt want to be one of those nagging girls, so I let it be and let him hit me up when he feels like it. We went on our date to the comendy club club, great for a date just dont make the mistake like we did and sit in the front lol. The night went well and we both act as if we didnt want to go home but we talked for alittle bit and then hugged each other several times. I knew he wanted to kiss me but he was shy he kelpt coming closer to my face so..... I told him to close his eyes and that I wanted to do something so he did then I kissed him for a long time lol. Im blushing as I type this.... anyway the night was good and we went our seprate way but he still acted as if it never happen he texted me once the next day with good afternoon and then I replied with nothing back.... Is he really not that into you like the movie quotes or is it too soon to tell. Im use to a guy calling you all the time and wanting to be with you or hear your voice.
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