Sometimes You Can't Help But Tell A Lie..It does W - Isn't it difficult not to lie? I hate it when I have to lie as you have to live with it..not easy even though it is justified.
March 9, 2009 7:19am CST
Even if you don't want to lie..we do. I know, I do it all the time, not because I want to but telling the truth sometimes just makes things worse. Example: How many times have you told someone who calls you ..Say am not home! My daughter when she was little told the person.. Mommy told me to tell you she isn't here.! I asked her why did she say that and she answerd me that I taught her not to lie.. and she was right ** I'm on the internet and some people even if you tell them you the truth and you have to go to eat or whatever, just keep on typing and won't I say.@.sorry I have to go, my son has arrived.@ Or I pretend I have a phone call!**Sometimes the truth just can't be told..people just keep on as if you said nothing.** I decided to stop lying as I want to follow God the best I can..but have I been able to conquor not to lie? NOT AT ALL!** I tried telling the truth by saying that I needed to go to bed because I wasn't feeling well..the person just kept on and on as if I said I just stopped answering and he started swearing at I blocked him forever!** I have no problem with women online but men are the pits..97% of them just keep on as if you said nothing. So I lie to them Sometimes we lie because telling the truth would be too devastating. Lying to save your life or someone elses that is acceptable as it isn't deceving someone out of something. I have been trying my darness not to lie but it's of no use lollllllll sometimes you can't tell the truth. I got caught recently in a situation that if I told the truth, it would have hurt alot of people who had done good for someone who they helped out. I had to pretend that all was fine and wasn' I have to live with that. I had gotten alot of food for someone I was helping out..or so I thought, until I found out she was lying and didn't need help, that it was a trick she used to get food. So here I had all this food my friends had gotten together for this person. They went out of their way ..emptied their cupboards and even bought some. I didn't know what to do. If I told them that it was all a lie how hurt they would have been, so I gave it to someone else thinking it wasn't important who got it..the goal was to help someone in need. But I had to lie that the person was so happy for it wasn't the same person-- but at least that was true the person who did get it felt so blessed.**So am stuck with this lie..because I don't want them to feel unhappy.
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@liaamur (420)
• Philippines
9 Mar 09
i am glad that the rightful person got the food you and your friends gathered. i would have told my friends about the lie of the other person, but i still would have given the food to the one who needed it most. i avoid having to lie as much as possible, eventhough i could not avoid lying to someone sometimes. what the first person did was hurtful, both to you and your friends, but helping that second person kind of compensated for all the trouble!
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• Canada
9 Mar 09
U r right..but if you had seen their faces on how they were so thrilled to help out this person with a child that you wouldn't have been able to burst their bubble. I never had to lie like that in my life. As one friend said, " U are not lying when you say the person who received it was very happy. It's just not the same person who got it..that's all. Yes it is wonderful at least the person who needit is the it so I feel okay in a sense. I didn't lie when I said the person who got it was very happy but I just didn't mention it wasn't the same person as we had been taken in before in our lifes helping people who were fakes..that I didn't have the heart to tell them. I guess as long as someone got it who really needed isn't a lie when I say..yes she was very happy to get the food.