Do you want more money??

@lingzi (568)
March 9, 2009 8:13am CST
First of all,i can tell you my answer is absolutely positive,yes. I've heard someone said "money is not very important ,we must have higher aspire,such as thinking the meaning of the life",i am sure that who said money was not very important have many many money yet,so they can ignore the importance of the money. i want more money ,if i have more money, i can go to the places where i dreamed,i can help the poor wituout any apprehension,i can make holiday when i am tired without any fear, in a word, if i have more money ,i would do many things that i can not do now. how great! what's your opinion on this? if you want more too, what do you do ??
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• United States
12 Mar 09
Yes, I would definately love to have more money. If I had more money I would buy a house and a car. I would also pay off bills, go back to school, and start a daycare. After I take care of the things that we need I would help out friends and family with things that they need as well. I would also do some traveling.
• China
12 Mar 09
yes,I want to earn much more money,,,,not want more money,,,,because a person living in the world ,he/she indeed need more money to give more quliantity living,to let your children living happy,,,to let your wife loving you forever,,,to help others which calling for money!!!!!
@jbrooks0127 (2326)
• United States
12 Mar 09
It has been said that money will not bring you happiness. No doubt who ever said that had plenty of it. However it is true that money in and of itself does not bring happiness as there are many who have all they need that are not happy. What money does is give you options. As you have said it lets you do more of what you want to do and less doing what you have to do to get by. There is only one sure way to have money and that is to earn it. Prepare yourself when your young with a good education and then work hard at what you really love to do. Once you have more money that you need to live on then begin saving it. Many places on the internet talk about how easy it is to make money. Several hundred dollars a day. You can bet those are there to get your money and that is about all. For many that have money however find as they get older that when they look back at all the time they spent getting it they come to realize what they did wrong. They devoted their lives to the wrong thing and all that really should have been important to them is gone. The people who can balance that, the pursuit of love and money, are fortunate. For how sad it would be to have all the money in the world but have no friends and family.
• United States
9 Mar 09
come on, is clear we ALL CAN use more money. even the people that have millions of cash. that why they wise ones invest that much money, to get more money, even they do have plenty already. i heard of saying of:"money can't buy your happiness, but certainly can help you achive it" isn't? i doubt i'll ever get my hands in a big chunk of money, like winning from lotto. because im good people (or stupid), instead of thinking on buying new stuff for me and only me, i think in giving it away to others...well not all, i guess after i get my nice cars, few houses, jewerly, etc. LOL, LOL! since that chunk of money is only a dream i better just face reality and keep doing what i do to get extra cash. i'm currently working in a GPT site and i can surely can use more referrals to it, why?...beacuse we all can use money, that is why? hey they giving away $10 free as a welcome bonus towards your first cashout. have a nice day all! best wishes