College graduate being a nanny

March 9, 2009 8:31am CST
The economic turmoil caused the opportunities dwindel and competition soars in today's society.We've witnessed that so many college graduates can't find jobs now.Then some started blame that these fresh graduates for their unrealistic goals in job market.But,if a graduate wants to be a nanny,do you think he/she is insane?We often say that we should live on our own work and being a nanny is a legal way to earn money.So why lots of people believe it's unsuitable for a person with tertiary education to work as a nanny or other'low level'jobs?In the special time,if one is jobless for quite a while.Why can't she/he begins to earn money as soon as possible,no matter how little it is?
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@djemba (767)
• India
9 Mar 09
Even though it is not correct to stigmatize a college graduate for being a nanny or taking up a lower level job. But it is important that we understand that the tertiary education that the person has obtained does place him/her at a higher plane in the society and the level of exposure could easily be used to become an entrepreneur and for that the people have to develop their entrepreneurial aptitude which will help them maybe wade through these tough times and shine when this temporary clowdown is over. And anyways, becoming a nanny is too crude a job and it just does not pay enough to enough. Because I do not think that it will supplement enough money yet, it would be quite negligible amount and almost equivalent to earning nothing. Maybe the best thing to do is begin a nannny agencies and earn money yourself while you employ nannies under you, make it professional-make it a business and let your creativity with money run loose, it will surely take you to greater heights. A economic turmoil does not necessarily mean that you have to sit at home, you could begin earning more qualification and be future ready so that you are prepared to strike with a vengeance when things come back to normal.
• China
9 Mar 09
Thank you for your reply,maybe what you say is right.