Help Needed to Pass Original Song Compositions

@margaux08 (1094)
March 9, 2009 8:33am CST
I feel like I'm one step closer to achieving our goal. We thought that it was a big leap. A dream that we thought would never be fulfilled. It started with one composition... a jamming over "drinking session" they had. (I wasn't there since I'm not into drinking ) So when this friend let me hear the song, I got into thinking that why not market it? The talent is already there. It is not only a good song but a GREAT song, I may say! There are challenges along the way. We tried recording the songs using cell phones but the sound wasn't clear. Finally, thank you so much for my SONY T200 Digicam, the recorded songs were superb! The sound was crystal clear! I converted MPEG to MP3 and have it burned in the CD and voila! The Artist was born! Or should I say...soon to be born. There are a lot of things to be done. Copyrighting the songs will cost us Php200/song. Then, there is also the challenge of actually submitting the whole profile to the recording companies. We already sent emails to some 20+ companies but we have to submit it personally to their offices. But if anyone out there has a background in Philippine Music Industry,I am pleading for your help. I know that it is a bottleneck to penetrate the local industry but we are really eager to at least be given a break. Thank you in advance...
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