What Do You Carry In Your Purse/Wallet?

@kel1483 (986)
United States
March 9, 2009 10:37am CST
Some people carry large purses and I've heard the expression 'I carry my whole life in my purse'. So what do you find necessary to have in your purse or wallet? Do you carry a large, medium or small purse? My purse is kind of on the small side. I noticed whenever I carried a larger bag, I usually had it crammed full of more junk that I didn't need, so now I try to buy smaller ones. As for what's in it...I have my checkbook, bank card, driver's license sand various other cards for rewards programs and stuff, some lipgloss and chapstick, a little cas, a few pictures and lots of cash register recipts that I haven't thrown away in weeks. That's pretty much all.
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@arcidy (5016)
• United States
4 Apr 09
I dont carry much in my wallet. I just carry my drivers license wich is probally the most important thing. Some cash just incase if I need it. I would also carry my stop and shop card which helps me save on food. And maybe a creditcard if I ever got one lol.
@ank_47 (1963)
• India
31 Mar 09
i put medium size hand bag, and in i won;t put my whole life . i will put my id card,sometimes i will put mobile, some tissues, small mirror, one comb, small compact powder, some cash, one pen, any important papers if needed. if i go distance place i will put some juice packets in my purse and i will also put my small handycam,which i want to take any new scenes or any places,which i go. as i am housewife, i don;t need driving licence,bank cards or credit cards and i don;t put in my purse . these all will be in my husbands wallet.
@lighten (30)
• Malaysia
9 Mar 09
When I lost my wallet in 2000, I don't carry any till now. All of those stuffs just go into my pockets.
@tudors (1556)
• China
9 Mar 09
no, i don't carry purse or wallet nowadays, i used to. ever since i was robbed years ago, i don't carry those stuff. just put money and card in my pocket or inside pocket of handbag.