Best ways to get traffic to my blog?

United States
March 9, 2009 1:04pm CST
I am new to the whole blog page thing, and I was wanted to know what is the bast way to get the word out about my blog? How do I get traffic to it? And also how do I put it on my profile here on mylot? I have tried but I cant seem to figure it out...Thanks for all your help!!
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9 Mar 09
There are several things you can do to get more traffic to your blog which are free, all they take is a bit of time and effort. Firstly, make sure your posts are keyword rich and are search engine optimised. By doing this you have more chance of appearing in a good position on search engines. Talking of which make sure you submit your site to the important ones. Secondly, make sure you are also subscribed to blog rolls and technorati as these too will generate some traffic and as your site becomes more popular the more traffic they seem to generate. Plus make it easy for people to subscribe to your blog by making your rss feed a prominent link. Next get yourself known on other blogs which discuss the same topics as yours by commenting on what other people say. But don't just post generic comments, show intelligence and that you have read the post as people quickly pick up on people just commenting to try and drive traffic to their own site. Most importantly give people a reason to return and recommend your blog to others. Make sure your posts are unique and express your own opinion which will make them interesting and stand out from the crowd. People don't want to read the same thing on several blogs but if you give your posts a unique spin you have a greater chance of getting return traffic.