Good techniques for singing and taking care of the throath

March 9, 2009 4:25pm CST
Hello all mylotters out there! I have been performing with a friend at cafes playing the guitar and singing. However, my partner's voice hits higher notes than me, which makes me unconsciously follow up his pitch. What I want to do is find a good method that can help me "find my voice", since my range is lower than his. If i am able to sing comfortabily on my range, we will be able to create better harmonics, because currently we are singing at same pitch, but for me it is difficult on higher notes. Any help would be appreciated-
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• Indonesia
13 Mar 09
I don't really understand about singin technique, but I think if it is impossible or hard for you to follow your friends high tone, or if you're not comfortable singin at same pitch with lower tone, you'd better using second pitch or second tone, I'm not sure with the term, but you know, likes double melody in guitar notes, just like it.