Which wins you over?

@skydancer (1982)
United States
March 9, 2009 7:52pm CST
Over the years, I have noticed that people's entertainment preferences (music, movies, TV, etc.) revolve around one of two things. For example, people tend to choose their favorite movies and TV shows either because they are taken by the overall premises of the show or movie, or because they are a fan of somebody in the cast. Some people (myself included) can even stomach god-awful low-budget b-movies as long as their favorite actor or actress has a role in it. With music, there seems to be similar judgment. Sometimes we hear a song we really like but wouldn't go out of our way to collect material from the artist. Other times, we have the intuition to know we'll like an album no matter what because of our admiration for the artist. I myself fall very much into the "cast member" category when it comes to movies and TV. I rarely watch any TV or movies, and only have two favorite actresses, both of whom are dead and one of whom is obscure anyway. However, I will somehow make time to see anything they are in, especially if I come across something I haven't seen before. On the music front, however, I am somewhat the opposite. I have a few artists whose work I have special loyalty towards, but for the most part, I rely very heavily on the song and music itself. I am the same way with books only to a greater degree. I don't have a particular favorite author. I just like to read about things and people I enjoy... So how about the rest of you? When you choose your entertainment, what wins you over, the premises itself or the people featured in it? Would you still like your favorite show if your favorite member of the cast left? What are your thoughts?
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