Do you usually set standard to find a true friend?

@SimpleBB (1332)
March 10, 2009 1:43am CST
I came up with this question when I recall one of my colleagues told me this addresing to one of my friend, " I'm not considering her as my friend, for she did not pass my standard". I then asked myself, "Does it need either someone set a standard or someone has to passed the standard that has been set just to consider him/her a friend? This made me think how someone else do categorize me in her/his group? Do someone need to change herself just to have a group or to feel that she belongs to such group? Isn't it enough just to be yourself? For I believe that as long as you done nothing wrong, and you're do everything in good faith, there's always someone sees the real you and will accept you. Even the period of time that you been together should not be a basis to categorize someone a true friend. For me a true friend is someone who even not always visible, but in times of need, she always there even not to help but only to listen and share your agony. A true friend is someone who can accept you and not to change you.
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• China
10 Mar 09
Who is my true friend? In a sense, it's a serious question.Usually I believe that friends would be treated sincerely and can share we'll have a frendship that's tried and true.It's not have to change myselt to meet some standards.I fell that so tired. Anyway,respect and tolerence is essential.The quarels of friends sometimes isn't taken to avoid. Wish you enjoy keeping companionship with your friends:)
@jlamela (4909)
• Philippines
10 Mar 09
I have no particular standard in choosing a friend, as long as we have in the same interests and have something in common, then everything is fine for me. I am not really choosy in making friends because I want to have many friends as I can, I enjoy everybody's company.
@a638000 (219)
• China
10 Mar 09
I think find a ture friend is hard , not a standard can help you , ture friend must depens on your fate, may be tomorrow your ture friend will coming , may be he or she never comes, true friend is as you say , they will help you in times of need , I wish you can find your ture friend, enjoy mylotting!!!