Am I right to discuss fashion at this time here when recession is ..,?

@tudors (1556)
March 10, 2009 5:47am CST
I am checking fashion news and fashion show, and yeah, during the past few days, i did post some discussions here about fashion and fashion hints. But this afternoon, i suddenly realized that it may be not right to talk about this at this time when many people are concerning about their work, money and other economic stress. The more news on recession i read and watch, the more i'm getting worried. So, do you think it proper for me to discuss fashion things here right now ?
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• Hong Kong
11 Mar 09
I think no problem! Even in the recession, we all have to live and have some entertainment and some fun from time to time, other than just sitting here being depressed! I think we could still look at fashion, admire it and find a cheaper way to imitate it *smiles*.
@mysdianait (65167)
• Italy
10 Mar 09
Hi tudors! It is indeed worying In some parts of the world more than others. I am not aware of what you were saying in your fashion discussions but whether there is a crisis or not we will all be wearing clothes (well at least for the time being ) Bearing in mind the crisis, I can see many options for various topics about fashion. Maybe many of us will not be buying top brand names anymore and will be wearing garments until they fall to shreds but I see nothing wrong in discussing it at all. Happy Lotting!