What is your greatest weakness?

March 10, 2009 6:26am CST
What is your greatest weakness? Mine is easy to start something but difficult to finish it at the right time and i cant concentrate only in one particular thing. When im doing something, i can be easily being distracted by the environment. Lets say when im going to type my assignment or project or make power point presentation, i already started, but when i have my idea to check my email, i did postpone if for a while and doing other things that is not supposed to do at that particular time. Everytime i look at the clock, i always said, ok, give me 30 minutes, and i will continue my project and etc...etc... but after 45 minutes, i even still busy with other things. Hmmmm, so bad. I dont know how to cure it. Maybe i should do everything in the place that has lesser distraction, without internet, laptop, speaker, and my musical instruments. I dont know, i just want to be far from those temptation because i will do something other than the important things to do. WHile im doing my discussion, im also being distracted with my papers surrounds me, i think i should do something also with my ebay account, and also to download new music for my bossanova collection. hehehe... How about you, mylot-ers? Happy myloting!
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