Should woman give up her carrer for her lover?

March 10, 2009 7:01am CST
From a traditional viewpoint, woman will come home eventually. So it is reasonable from woman to devote herself to family. But as the development of era and advance with times, according to abilities, interests, development, woman is divided into three types: family style, career style, pleasure style. Although modern woman puts more importance on love, love is no longer her entire life. Few women are willing to become a full-time wife. Traditional concept is in a embarrassing position now. Should woman give up her career for her lover?
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@reckon21 (3487)
• Philippines
10 Mar 09
A mothers role in a family is very important. She needs to be there to take care of the kids. To mold the kids good grooming and character. If the head of the family earns more money and enough for the family. The wife should stay in the house to fulfill her duties.
• Jamaica
10 Mar 09
Strickly 'NO' most men are decieving, after a period of time the relationship brake up.In this time and age it's best to have a career and to be employed , everything is expensive today and it takes money to buy them.In a relationship when both have a careerand working they are able to meet their financial needs.
@23uday (2998)
• India
10 Mar 09
hi i personally feel that woman should not sacrifice her career for the sake of her lover.she should be independent in her opinions and also she should be financial independent too. and the present day women can very well handle her responsibilities.and also she should have a very supportive spouse along with the support of her family members. love you all bye!!!!!!!
@elghrasya (502)
• Philippines
10 Mar 09
Well it depends on a situation if they already have the good life I mean the wealth then it's okay for the woman to give up her career. But if not practically the woman also need to work and go on with the career that's why I said it depends. If the man or the guy can support his wife or woman financially then it's okay for the woman to take her part or role as a full-time wife.
@max1950 (2313)
• United States
10 Mar 09
no. lover or husband ,i think she should follow her dream if she has the ability and knowledge to have and keep a job in these times, when unemployment is on the rise big time. i think it would be selfish to expect her to give up her career.