What will you do if your lover love another people??

@hanah87 (1846)
March 10, 2009 9:26am CST
If your lover love other people,what will you do?Will you proceed your relationship with he/she or set them free?
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• Philippines
11 Mar 09
I would set him free. I believe that when you love a person you would want him to be happy even if it does not include you. And I'd be happy for him. I'd feel lonely, yes, but it will be lonelier if you're the only one loving. In loving, like in dancing, it takes two to tango.
@preppy (28)
• United Arab Emirates
11 Mar 09
In my opinion if you really love the person set him free...the more you keep him the more he wants out... Loving a person does not mean that they should love us back... you should not beg for him to love you, it should be given freely...if you have given all your effort to the one you love and still he did not realize your worth, its not your lost its his...
@ushassu (34)
• India
10 Mar 09
lolz.love is of many kinds.the person u love may love his parents, friends even his pets also.that doesnt mean he doesnt love u or love u more.its natural to feel jealous , angry and upset when he shows love to other girls.so its natural to fight for a while.but ultimately in the long run i feel u cant chain a person to urself.tht feeling shd come from within. never forget that "that which comes back to u is yours. if it doesnt come back it was never yours" so its good to give the other person space and let them think for themselves how much they value us or miss u to be in their life.this is the only way to have a happy relationship