Great Swedish band!

@arvaster (521)
United States
March 10, 2009 10:52am CST
I guess they still didn't break through with their latest album in the US. It was released here though "Tillbaka till Samtiden" They're very unique with their very own sound. So extremely skilled and talanted. If you are interested I think you should check out some of their songs, youtube is great for this :) recommendations: 747 - available in both Swedish and English Columbus - Swedish only Revolt III - English and Swedish Kungen är Död - Swedish and English (The King is Dead) Sverige - Swedish Dom Andra - Swedish You will be surprised!! I promise :) They play pop/rock and on their latest album their touchy touch with Depeche Mode really shines through.
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16 Mar 09
I've listened to a few swedish bands. I love Amon amarth, atleast most of their songs are in English. Also like thyrfing but they sing in Swedish so i don't understand them but the sound is good. Especially Fran stormens oga. Is Equilibrium swedish or norwegian? And wintersun and ensiferum! I like the viking aspect. You are lucky to have such awesome metal bands!
@arvaster (521)
• United States
25 Mar 09
Amon Amarth is great :) Thyrfing I haven't heard much of lately, but they don't really live up to Amon's standard. In general Scandinavia do produce the best metal, I don't know why, I grew up with it and then I recently moved to the US and it is really hard finding good music here ;_; "Hi, where are the metal cds? - Oh you mean Linkin Park?" -__________-