if god would give you a second life to live over????

March 10, 2009 3:38pm CST
if god would give you a second chance to live over again. Will it be the same life... or would you chose something else....you might have lived some part of your life, so you might be having enough experience about your past, the troublesome husband , father, or son. do you want to live life with them all again from the start or will you prefer living somebody else....
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• United States
10 Mar 09
I have had a hard life and I mean that. From being homeless,abused and beaten by men. I have had so much happen to me I shoudl still be crying. Howwver I could never change who I am today. So that offer from god would have to go to another. I love my daughter and would never change having her.
@elghrasya (502)
• Philippines
10 Mar 09
If i will have the second life I think I will choose to live with a different life not the same life I have before. I made a lot of mistakes before and life treats me so bad that's why I prefer a new life if ever I will have the chance. But I will choose some of my friends and love ones to meet again in my second life.
• Canada
10 Mar 09
If I had the chance to live life over, I would change it all. I would grow up with a caring family, one that wouldn't treat me like the one I grew up with. I'd finish high school and go to college or university(of course I'd be smarter than I am now). I wouldn't live in the country I'm in, or at least not in the province I'm in. I would have gotten my license sooner than I did. I'd get married to someone smart and well off, not poor at all. I'd have a family, a couple of kids that I wouldn't lose, and they'd have everything they needed in life. I'd have many friends, ones I could just hang out with, I'd have a social life, which I don't have now. I'd have a better life, not worrying about money, or where I'll be next month, if I'll have a roof over my head.