Do you ever click the ads on Mylot?

March 10, 2009 8:59pm CST
So the way this site works is pretty simple. They get paid via advertising, but advertising is only profitable if a site can generate an active community of regular visitors. That's us. The site attracts us initially with the fact that we get paid a small amount to be active and post and contribute to the site. This in turn creates a reason for more members to join and be active, which then increases the advertising revenue the site is making. It's a simple circle which theoretically will just continue to grow. My question though, is how many of you ever click through any of the advertising banners? How many of you make money for Mylot? I've clicked on a couple of ebay items which have popped up in line with my interests, but I'm curious to know how many other people actually utilise the adveritising which helps this site exist?
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