what describes you the best...

@abcnadz (461)
March 11, 2009 9:31am CST
what do you think describes the best or how would you describe yourself, your personality. i guess i'm bubbly and at the same time very moody person
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• Philippines
11 Mar 09
hhmmm... its so hard to describe my self. but the only think i know im just a simple guy.
• United States
11 Mar 09
Well here is me loving, likable, charming, likes to help others, enjoys a challange, rude at times, very opinionated. I feel that is me in nutshell. I am sure there are more words that describe me but at the moment I feel that about sums it up. Nice discussion and happy mylotting to you abcnadz
@gracie04 (4555)
• Philippines
11 Mar 09
It's kind of hard to describe myself but i guess i can tell that i'm a moody type of person.. i tend to have mood swings every now and then, maybe my illness has something to do with it and i hate it! i get irritated easily but i don't hurt other people! =) duh!!! =p A lot of people thought that i'm snobbish but the truth is i'm don't.. and they have proven that when they got to know me better.. you know, i'm down to earth and i like making new friends! i don't discriminate either,
@tuyakiki (3026)
• India
11 Mar 09
I cannot describe myself in a proper way,it is too tough. So,it will be better to leave it on other people. My friends describe me as to be the most unpredictable,honest,fun loving,supportive,helpful and sometimes crazy in my own way.