Chief on house - painting on feathers
@Leykon (438)
March 11, 2009 1:34pm CST
This is the name of the artist that paints on feathers,I did a little research about her.She did large paintings at one time when she lived in Texas.when she moved to Oklahoma is when she fell in love with the native spirit and started painting on feathers. Has anyone tried this art? I would love to be so talented.I think you can buy her paintings on ebay
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@SomeCowgirl (32271)
• United States
11 Mar 09
I wasn't aware that one could paint on feathers, I think it's quite interesting though. Something very unique, and I assume time consuming. Is that one of her works that you've added as a photo? It's very nice, I think you meant to say horse though! When I first looked at it, I was looking for a house, and then I noticed it was a horse. Her work is very good! I wonder how one paints on feathers. Have a wonderful day! Happy Mylotting!
@Leykon (438)
• Canada
11 Mar 09
Sorry my mistake yes I meant to say horse. fingers typing to fast,Yes that is her work I would like to add more of her paintings but not sure how to.She is very talented