Immortal Meter

March 11, 2009 4:24pm CST
I believe in life staying alive is main priority. This may seem like a dimmwitted statement but consider time and how long those past have remained alive. A few well known expamples include, John of the cross, Adgar poe, Carol Lewis, Adolf Hitler, Nostradamus, Plato, Homer, or Jesus Christ. Among these names countless more have been and will be remembered long after there time. The list of names above contain names some may not want to remember, But fact stands that regardless of intention, the change made by these individuals keeps them alive weather we remember them for good or bad aspects of there life. To talk about any person after they pass or simply out of your social circle will keep them alive. Being remembered is one of many traits all people share and strive to accomplush yet it seems a contradiction that we all walk one of few lifestyles and all share the same goal. Wealth. Perhaps originality in this time is hard to achieve due to social acceptance but passing threw life fitting in promotes uniform society. Members of uniform society have little hope in achieving life after death due to lack of perpective differences. One passes day after day fitting in not being noticed and will be forgotten. To change nothing will be the loss of your post identity. I wrote this afew months ago and Just thought I would share it with you all. I dont normally share my work with anyone so please be gentle..
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@Spook619 (335)
11 Mar 09
Someone posted a while back the key to imortality... They said Serial killer, after all... who hasn't heard of Jack the Ripper? However... if you want to survive the ages then you have to do something completely fresh... A good start is allways to be a world leader, you can either go for the muck it all up approach, or the do something amazing approach. But even that cannot gain you the fame of doing something like landing on the moon, or being held responsible for a completely new form of genocide. The question is, what you you possibly do that has a greater impact than something like the holocoust? If you can think of something that's good... go for it. If it's something worse than the holocoust... admit yourself to a psychiatric unit asap.