would you take a risk while you are still young?

United States
March 11, 2009 6:43pm CST
We have been working our whole life. We might gain some experience from our works. Your salary might be increased gradually, but it won't be too much. Would you consider to start your own business, or find a reliable partnership to start something fresh? I would take a risk, instead of doing the same thing over and over again.
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• Indonesia
12 Mar 09
gosh ! i agree ! lately, since i started working as an instructor, i finally realize what i really wanna do in my life. i kept on thinking can i possibly do the same thing over and over again without gaining knowledges ? the answer is no. im too thirsty for knowledges and experiences. and with my work now, i met lots of great people with a different knowledges n experiences from them that i can learn it. they could be my students but also my teachers. and working as an instructor is like a stepping stone for me. coz i got a link to a wider chances out there from them. i started to be an enterpreneurship since i was studying at the university, so i think i will continue it for as long as possible. i hope it wont ended though ;) i will take the risk, buttt..be genious in seeing chances that stand right in front of u, minimize the risk and maximise the profits.
• China
12 Mar 09
hello,r you guys or ladies?i support your fresh idea,in fact from the survery report that most of the people intend to open the form by themselves,just think and think all the time ,meanwhile ,we should consider the factor ,the first most important is money,how much money u own and the origal og the money ,when to pay for the money ,the cost and the emplyees and so on,so if the conditon is permitted,they will have a try and take a risk,