I want to know why the money letter I recieved can't work? We all need help now!

March 11, 2009 7:28pm CST
I recieved this letter and have been researching it for some time now. Some say its way illegal while others quote laws that say it's not. Read the info then tell me what you think and if I should do it. It was a story done on Oprah a few years ago that I actually saw, about a 15 year old boy who made $71,000 in just 5 weeks. On Oprah they proved it could be done. So I've recieved the letter again for the third time and now that the economy sucks and my husband lost his job again I am really tempted to try anything. I have been researching and found the number to the post office and called and was told it can be legal it just has to be done in the appropriate way. So should I do it. If you want to see the letter or have any other comments or want to try it with me email me. nicholehendricks@rocketmail.com. Please give me your opinons and thoughts. Thanks Nichole.
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@willocfc (965)
• Australia
12 Mar 09
Its hard to give a resonse without seeing the actual letter you are talkig about, but as you mentioned the " as seen on oprah" i would be 99% sure its a scam, just look on craigslist and u will see it posted everywhere
12 Mar 09
It seems harmless. That may be because I am desperate. Nothing seems to be going the way it should be. I wish the answers were simple. Anyone have success story for working from home? It seems everyone just wants your money and you get nothing for it. PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHAT SOLUTIONS ARE OUT THERE.