liking someone a lot and they tell you they would rather be friends..

United States
March 11, 2009 7:31pm CST
Okay so its this girl I really really liked..I never liked girls until i saw her..So that doesn't really mean I'm bi , i just have a thang for this one girl..well shes a senior at my school and she is so sweet. We have been talking for almost a week and I asked her if she had a girlfriend and she said kinda because they were taking a break... then said I can be her "boo"... , She came and spent time with me a couple of days and we got to know eachother I guess..being that she is the first girl I've ever tryed to get with is of course going to be hard for me to get out of my shyness...I told her I was kinda shy ..anyways, long story short..I wrote her a letter and gave it to her and she texted me saying she would rather be friends...It hurted me because I really really really liked this girl A WHOLLLLEE LOT ! and she told me she would still come over to chill with me . Idk , I just want some advice as to what I should do ? because I really like her but I don't want her to think I'm SPRUNG or something..although thats what it feel like..I mean what can I do to make her fall for me ? I guess..idk ! it may sound crazy but I just want her BAD !
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@qiuying (28)
• China
13 Mar 09
heheh!really i have experienced the same as you just on last festive spring,i am a chinese girl,studying in a university .the gay i love is my classmate in my high school,we had a happy time together,he said i was a kind and considerate gilr,and he wished to be my dependence when we were adult.then i was full of desire of being able to admitted to the university in which i am studying now,so there was no enough room for his expression of love,after that we seprated owing to tha fact that we were admitted to different universities.seldom,i heard from him,but that's, i am going to studying for JM degree,this year is my first year.through a sad and a little absurd love experience,i find,maybe he is my ture love,so after deep thought, i went to his city and told i loved him,it's my first expression of love.he's too late.i am frustrated with the reality.but no way out.confronted with something,i know there is no way for going back to the before.i try my best to forget,not ablt to his love, i choose not to be his friend,that is so intolerable.getting through about three months,at present, i try to have a new love experience with a lovely boy.i think you also cando this when there is no chance for returningto the before,anyway,fighting.have a great day when seeing my reply.