During bad times..does ur pets ever provided u solace...

March 12, 2009 3:50am CST
I used to have a very cute cat n a parakeet....wenever i felt low,down ..sad or like nobody understands me..i used to talk to them..n i would feel calm n peaceful.whether they understood me or not wasn't my point..but i would feel relaxed talking my heart out to them.d cat would snuggle up to my lap n mew at my words...n d parakeet would shout at times as if to make a statement.i loved them ..they were my best frnds.Do u have similar experiences..???
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@meticulo (1286)
• United States
12 Mar 09
Yes thats true. Whenever I have problems and my husband and kids are not around my pets gave me some sort of comfort and relief.Sometimes even their mere presence makes me feel glad amidst some unhappy moments.
@divinchris (2449)
• India
12 Mar 09
My pets are my only solace not only during bad times but also whenever i felt strained.But when I lose my pets,I dont have another solace.Its the sad part.
@vishwaskg (514)
• India
12 Mar 09
Hi there , Those pets are the ones which actaully give us good feelings durind bad times .I have 2 dogs and the thing about them is that any moment of the time they are are in jumpy mood,which makes me feel good ,especially when they wag their tails ,, cheers