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March 12, 2009 9:38am CST
Actually in my opinion the most lucrative business opportunity in the Internet is Affiliate Marketing. I know that you all have different ways of making money, but let me show you what you need to do and what is the earnings potential: 1.Find the profitable niche 2. Find the product to sell == 3. Create pre-sell content == 4. setting up your website == 5.Generating the traffic == $$$ make money commission from one virtual product will be, lets say $30( this is the average) when you do this whole process correctly and generate targeted traffic that converts, what do you thing how many products could you sell? 10, 30, 100? 100 products it make $3000 monthly. I know you think it is impossible... so how it is possible that people make living in that way? I do, others do.. remember you can sell as many different products as you want, the revenue will come faster than you think. The only one thing you need is a plan. The business plan that you can follow, and know how to implement all that things and stick it together to make it works properly. It seems to be hard but it is not hard if you have a coach and step by step plan. you can find the proper plan and the coach here www.affiliate-wealth-secrets.com it is for FREE. I recommend it because I it helped me a lot.
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@venmarz13 (735)
• Indonesia
13 Mar 09
i dont know what u sad at all friend.niche,what is that?is it like MLM or what?we sell other product then we get % from the price that other buw with our link?please tell me what the affiliate mean?should we have a blog or website?if ya with high pagerank?oh my god i havent make it,and dont know how to increase pagerank
• Poland
14 Mar 09
hey, I do not have any idea why you think is mlm :D:D. this is a product that you will learn from what to do to make money online using affiliate marketing business model. it is like going to any course in real or university, you go there to get some particular knowledge and then use it to achive your aims, right? This is the same, you pay for knowledge, for ebooks and video cours, how to do and what to do step by step to make money online hope it helped
• Malaysia
13 Mar 09
At the beginning I was very eager to start an online business in the hope to generate income. I spent countless hours in front of the computer to find ways how to do it. I read a lot of ebooks and I bought many of them to learn their ways. But the sad thing is every writer is not honest in their writing. Each of them hid some useful information from being inserted into the ebook and therefore success is always far away from the purchasers of the ebook. Unless the readers know what to ask from the writer, they are left with misery and guided to a false path of success. Here, I am again very skeptical because I have read numerous ebooks and have bought expensive CD's and ebooks which claimed they have a proven step by step guidance to earn money. But until now, everything is a lie. But I will only download your link if it is totally free because I do not want to waste any more of my precious money. And I really want to know whether you can help me increase my traffic. And I would really appreciate it if you genuinely want to help, please show me the way how to generate income from my blog www.scaryghoststory.blogspot. I need your suggestion on what else to add to make more people visit my blog. And I want to know not only the suggestion, but please give me which site to refer to, and give me real facts and not only vague suggestions. Thank you.
• Poland
13 Mar 09
Thanks for the response ;). Look I understand your frustration of buying things and being scammed. I exactly know what you mean because I had the same problem and more than 80% people have it. But you have to try to trust somebody, just find someone that create or promote content that really works and in case you do not want it there is 30-60 days money back guaranteed. Hey you do not like it ok no problem you have your money back. The system I promote was for free till yesterday, it was only time sensitive offer, my friend upgraded the content and now it is worth $27. It is like a good diner. So if someone doesn't want to put any money and earn big money it seems impossible. This is "tire kicking" freebie searching. It is searching free products till you are blue on the face:). Look if you want to have a good content it should cost because then you know that the value is high. Additionally you know that this is exclusive and not millions of people use it.. So I suggest you to go to my website www.affiliate-wealth-secrets.com and subscribe. At least you won't be satisfied you will get the money back. But I can guaranteed you that you will be satisfied from what you will learn insight, saying that I put my name on reputation. However if you only want to know how to generate traffic, and miss other oportunities that give this club, and you are ready for massive traffic I definitely recommend you this powerful source, this is also part of my traffic weapon www.affiliate-wealth-secrets.com/recommends/UndergroundTraffic Take Care Michael