I have a 1/2 lab!!

my labrador - he is sitting on my car.
@mermaidivy (15415)
United States
March 12, 2009 10:40am CST
I have been concerning the size of my labrador. He is 6 months old and doesn't seem to get big. Well, I'm seeing him everyday so I cannot really tell how big he gets everyweek of course I do know he got bigger from baby time. I have seen other lab aged 8 months old, he looks so rounded and taller than mine makes me really concerned if my puppy is one of those half size lab. I wanted a big dog so I chose lab, I was hoping he could get at least 80 pounds and now he looks really small and not that round. I have asked other labrador owners, they said they usually grow real fast when they are 6 months old or 1 years old so which one is true?Do you have a labrador? How was the size when they were in the growing time? I would be really happy to see you share your experiences with me, thank you very much!I attached a photo of my lab dog, it was 5 months old when I took the picture.
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