@isawu2 (97)
March 12, 2009 12:56pm CST
Since I love chocolate so much we named our puppy Brownie and that's his color too. He is a 5lb Bishion/tee cup poodle/shitzu and my killer watch dog even though he only stand about 8 inches high. He barks when somebody comes in the house or even walks by the house. He is so spoiled by the whole family we bought him a crate to sleep in that lasted about a week then the crate was turned into his time out place when he's bad and it will work for a few days then he forgets and has to be reminded what it is for, Some times when he knows he's been bad he goes there himself and we wonder around the house looking for what mischief he had gotten into. Most of the time though he is a good dog. his favorite thing to do is go for a walk or car ride which you have to spell or else hes' jumping and running around your feet.He also likes to eat breakfast with me we have peanut butter toast and milk.
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@cndn420 (2062)
• Canada
12 Mar 09
Brownie is a very sweet name for a puppy! congrats on the new addition to the family, puppies are always fun and bring lots of happiness to a home! he sounds absolutely adorable!