Mycoplasma Virus... What Do you know? Do you want to know????!!!

@Ted3_uk (114)
March 12, 2009 1:17pm CST
Recently i came down with a flu like virus, got better quickly, but kept getting chest pains.. They got worse to the point i fell to the ground maybe 2 or 3 times a day... I saw the docotr 1st day this happend.. At first they said not to worry as i looked and sounded fine in chest. buy by day 3 i was in hospital with an expected heart attack.. After a week of been linked to every thing and tbh fairly sceared as the docs seems very worried, I was told i have a Mycoplasma pneumonia virus, and was sent home as too much of a risk in the hospital? Since the 15 days of antibiotixs iv been 100%, but iv been told to keep a watch out for odd symptoms in the future... Who knows what? Iv read some stuff about how the virus eats DNA for breakfast lunch and dinner, but iv also heard it can transform its self into other viruses??????????? or that can cause other problems like chonic fatige or liver problems.. or is this worring about nothing?
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• India
12 Mar 09
Heloo wishes of ur recovery...!! 1st of all i would like to tell u dat Mycoplasmas r not viruses but bacterias..though its closely related to viruses. Now i'l tell all that i know about Mycoplasmas so dat u understand.. 1.Mycoplasmas r d smallest living organisms on earth(hence very primitive) they r bacterias not viruses n viruses r not defined as living things scientifically. 2.It was 1st discovered by Nocard n Roux from cattles with pleuropneumonia ijn 1898. 3.This bacteria resides mainly in d respiratory tract so causes pneumonia,bronchitis n other respiratory diseases. 4.It gets easily transmitted by inhalation of infected air n in overcrowded places its easily transmitted so ur not admitted in hospital. 5.It cause walking pneumonia..dats wat i think got diseased with. 6.Reinfection is common as immunity for this bacteria within our body is not u should b careful. 7. Its mostly fatal in old n childrens..n weak,susceptible person...dat i guess ur not. 8.U would completely b cured..don't worry. 9. I loved taking part in ur discussion n talking about my subject. Happy mylotting..!! :)
• United States
12 Mar 09
Whoa that is scary. I was sick a few weeks ago and now I am sick again I have been fighting to not go to the doctor but if I am not over it by the end of the wekend I am going to the doctor. I know there are a lot of bad sickness running around right now and I feel that it seems that they are getting worse. I appericate you sharing this and maybe I should go to the doctor. Take care and happy mylotting