@marty3888 (2359)
United States
March 12, 2009 1:18pm CST
I watch movies online alot. After about a minute the film will stop and it says buffering and it goes from 0 to 100%. I've been told buffering is like loading. OK, that's fine. But it does it every 5 minutes. When I put it on pause for awhile, like ten or fifteen minutes it goes longer but it eventually starts doing it again. Anyway to stop this?
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@arvaster (521)
• United States
12 Mar 09
A movie buffering is a movie going into temporary memory so you can watch part of it. If you have slow connection or if the server you're watching the movie at is slow you might have to wait a long time for it to buffer completely. I usually just have it open in the background if it buffers slowly and watch it later :)
@kumarpslv (3218)
• India
12 Mar 09
The movie or the portion of movie will be played only after it is downloaded from the site. The time required to play a particular portion of movie is very much less than the time required to download that portion.The difference between these two time is known as buffering period of buffering time. If the download speed of our connection is high then the buffering period will be less and vice-versa. If You are pausing the play, the more amount of data will be available to play depending upon the pausing period. But the total time for playing the movie and downloading the movie will remain unchanged. Unless we have a very high download speed, we can't stop the buffering . To stop the buffering we need to have the playing speed and the downloading speed as same.