Writing for Real Profit

March 12, 2009 6:26pm CST
While reviewing many posts about getting paid for your work, I notice that lots of people here advocate sites like Helium, Associated Content and Shvoong and you can make a little bit of money with these sites - with the emphasis on the little. The first question for you is why do these sites pay - where do they make their money? Obviously they're not benevolent websites - they're making money from your articles and paying you a slice of the action. If your writing is good enough to make you a little money - it's good enough to make you a lot of money. Here are some suggestions. 1/Do some keyword research on subjects that interest you using a tool like Wordtracker to find the micro niches that people are looking for and that have little competition and create a highly targeted blog on those "long tailed keywords. Monetise the site with adsense or something better like Chitika (I'm not a fan of Google - let's just say I hate monopolies) and with relevant affiliate links - start at Clickbank.com to search for relevant products that you can make money from. 2/Start submitting articles to places like ezine articles - you won't get paid for them directly but by placing an appropriate link in their author bio box can make you money - again Clickbank is a great resource. 3/Enroll at freelance writing sites and start bidding for work, Try get a freelancer for starters but their are heaps of others. You will find initially that you will work for pittance but as time goes by you will build a sound reputation and be able to charge more. 4/Here's the biggie - write an eBook and publish it with Clickbank - Set the price anywhere between $15 and $90 (depending on content) and offer between 50% and 75% commissions to affiliates - let them do the work and you collect the cash. Obviously I have over simplified these concepts in this post but the concepts make people real money and I'm willing to discuss them in detail with you privately if you like.
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@tman555 (162)
• Canada
12 Mar 09
This is such a great guide. I am currently on step 3. Do you know any good freelance writing sites?