You Ex starts talking to you, after blocking you after bad break up

@Ted3_uk (114)
March 12, 2009 7:01pm CST
You break up with your partner and have many big arguments, you end up both deciding never to contact each other again.. Both are cool with this as so angry with each other 4 months later your ex contacts you on msn to talk about things like the weather, hows work, what are you plans.... I feel i have moved on well, but dont want to be rude...... What next would you do?
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@n30wing (4771)
• Philippines
18 Mar 09
Well I think if I have move on I can just tell her I am doing fine. That is all maybe she understand what I said it's simple and nothing to elaborate more. Now if she insist talking to me, I'll just tell her what do you want from me, I'll be direct to the point. If she just want attention I'll tell her I have move on and that is enough and I close the book between us. How about you what will you do? Good night!
• Philippines
14 Mar 09
i don't want to be rude at time when things are done long ago..but if the scars and the pains is stil much as possible i don't want to talk to i don't want to remember the pains he brought into my life..i don't want to talk to him right now...i am still hurting though the fact that i'm already happy with another one..
@rmuxagirl (7562)
• United States
13 Mar 09
I think even though it would be ackward and stuff be polite. I mean my ex contacts me randomly to talk for a few moments but we don't talk about major things. I am polite as can be but also give answers that give the message that I don't want to talk to him and sometimes we gets the messge other times he doesnt cause he's not all thr smart.
@myralmedo (815)
• Philippines
13 Mar 09
for me i guess, il try not to open my msn for a week or so.. i dont want to argue with things i dont really care for at this moment! hehehe.. my ex was liek this before. and i think he got tired of waiting for me to log in in my msn account.. hehe i think its effective.