human body bursts into flames!

I Wonder What Makes A Body Combust? - Human combustion..wonder what causes it.
March 12, 2009 7:21pm CST
Have you ever heard of human combustion? A body for no apparent reason the body overheats and boom..the body bursts into flames and to a crisp..some just their head and legs are left or an arm .I'm watching that on t.v. at this moment. I remember when I was in Florida a beautiful young girl arrived and laid down in the sun and a few minutes later her body burst into flames! No one really knows why..but I think that our body temperature is regulated by something ..what I don't know..but then like a thermometer..if the heat goes to high it bursts. Something that regulates our body heat must go haywire..overheats and boom..we burst into flames.It is scary..good thing it isn't a thing that happens often..yep..our body is a real mystery. Imagine the heat it takes to burn our bodies to ashes at the crematory.which takes 2 hours .and a human can take just 20 burn completely to ashes. What is strange is that the fire doesn't spread. ^People burn inside before coming out and so quickly that is why the fire doesn't spread. The chemicals in our body must accidently combine and we burn. It sure is a strange phenomina!
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@TnWoman (1896)
• United States
14 Mar 09
hello dancingredfeather hum, that is very weird that somebody would just burst into flames like that in it being called human combustion. what channel are you watching on television? lol the Discovery Channel? thanks for sharing. i like to watch television shows about things that are weird that do happen. and oh my gosh! i cannot ever imagine being combusted like that! wouldn't that be just awful? that would be an awful way to go, is being on fire like that. and when that i die, i do not want to be creamated like that either, i want to be buried in a casket and put into the ground to rot, and to let my spirit finally be a free soul, free to do whatever that i want to do at that point. plus be out of all of the misery from this world that i am living in at the present time. and i do not understand that at all about how the human combustion takes only twenty minutes to burn somebody to ashes like that when like you said when that a person gets creamated like that, it takes two hours? oh my. take care and have a beautiful evening.
• Canada
14 Mar 09
yep two whole hours and it takes not long if you imagine how hot it must be inside you for that to one knows why it took so few minutes..yes discovery channel..I love to watch weird things too..
• Australia
13 Mar 09
According to the reading of SHC(Spontaneous Human Combustion), the most common explanations offered to account for apparent SHC are the non-spontaneous wick effect fire, and the rare discharge called static flash fires. Although mathematically it can be shown that the human body contains enough energy stored in the form of fat and other tissues to consume it completely, in normal circumstances bodies will not sustain a flame on their own. Over the past 300 years, there have been more than 200 reports of persons burst for no apparent reason.