How tough are you? Will you stay and stand up yourself or give up and leave?

@jezblog (202)
March 13, 2009 6:25am CST
Had you ever experienced being discriminated in school? Well if not, consider a management student who is a president of an organization and had sacrificed his academic performance just to provide the college of business administration and accountancy opportunities and activities that would help in the students' development. This president did it successfully. However, because of the college accountancy instructors belief that accountancy students should be on top than other majors they try to look for something to destroy this president image or bring/pull him down because of insecurity. One step they did is to look at him with a serious madly face along corridors and even at his class. By the way the dean of the college is an accountancy graduate and she was able to convince her subordinates to believe her and does what she wanted to do. How pathetic this president is considering that he didn't do something wrong. He feels as if he was a killer that professionals would stare at him like that. If you were in his position, what will you do?
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• Philippines
25 Mar 09
Hi, How disappointing that is, well for me i will open it up the Student affairs office to have a face to face communication between me and them. Besides, no matter what angle we are to look into, they're wrong. They are professionals and they should act as they were really professionals. Also, it is obvious that there is no professional ethics. Moreover, they are at the College of Business Administration and how come that they can't manage theirselves and their customers which were students who pay tuition for their salary; shame on them. I will also complain it at the guidance office or to be tougher i will file a complaint at the school management. They're very bad obviously. I'm sure teachers acting like that will have a very bad luck in the future. That's what we call very very BAD attitude. ;|