how do you heal a broken heart?

@tarish (14)
March 13, 2009 8:43am CST
What actually comes up on your mind if the one you love or your ex doesn't show any cares of you after breaking up?
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@jsilver09 (117)
• United States
13 Mar 09
I know this has happened to me before. So, I guess it having happened more than once, those seperate relationships were not so important. I guess realizing you had gotten into the wrong situation, or this person is not the one is an immeadiate reaction. Regretting, or resenting at what took place is likely next. Trying to deffend you own self as an alright person and accept this person can not care about the feelings which were shared between the two people is last. Mostly after this I go into a fear state about when I will see this person again. In my experiences I always see the guy in a nonagreement arrangment. I know I would not have sat myself down and waited on the moment I would see Mr. Wrong in that day or night time. But, sure enough here he is.. I always ask why? Why, is he here, or what mostly happens no matter where this siting is, is that I don't talk to him... Usually the guys did not plan on talking to me either. Stranger than fiction, we just glaze at each other for a moment, and I feel stalked. I think it is unlikely that every guy which dumped me would come and stalk me, but sometimes I reserve great doubts on this matter!
@tarish (14)
• Philippines
18 Mar 09
oh ok. So, is it right to go on dating after breaking up? Or live for months until the right one comes? Have you tried that? How do you feel about it?