What Is Your Favorite Game And Why?

United States
March 13, 2009 11:59am CST
My Favorite Game is Dragonball Z Infinite World. I love Dragonball Z And this game redesigned Budokai 3 and made it better with better RPG gameplay.
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@haniku17 (113)
17 Mar 10
That's really a hard question because there are a lot of games that I really love. Recently, I played Heavy Rain and I so loved it. It gave me a totally new gaming experience. Although I played great RPG games that are really cool. I love Breath of Fire 3 and of course the legendary Final Fantasy 7.
• United States
8 Apr 10
I really love heavy rain great graphics and gameplay. The players look so real and I love how the game has different endings depending in what choices you make which is really awesome.
@nvtellan (1907)
• Philippines
28 Apr 11
Metal Gear Solid series. I just love this game and I really like how Hideo Kojima portrayed Solid Snake / Old Snake. I want more Metal Gear games.
@WeNG11 (18)
• Indonesia
11 May 10
Metal Gear Solid of course.. The best game ever, every release was awesome, noting compares to it. Great storyline n good play system. Very addictive game..
@3polloro (35)
• Philippines
10 Apr 10
xenogears, vagrant story, tales of eternia, final fantasy 6, tales of abyss, legend of dragoon, crash bandicoot series. I really love rpg with stunning story and gameplay.
• Italy
4 Oct 09
Kingdom Hearts II. I love the story, graphics, combact mode and characters. It's really cool. Unfortunately I can't play Kingdom Hearts III 'cause I don't have Playstation 3...and I can't buy it, it's too expensive t___t
@codris (783)
• Italy
30 Sep 09
my favourite ps2 game is Kingfom hearts, i love it, it's fantastic. but it's rare to find it in a shop! the one thah i've played was not mine. i'm searching this game for a month, try yo go to big shops with "second hand games" too. i like to play with PS but i prefere to play with pc.
@anurag3786 (6275)
• India
30 Sep 09
My favourite pc game is cricket.. because i like cricket from my childhood.. and always playing cricket.. so it is my favourite game.. i am also a cricket player.. so i know every rules..and conditions in this game..
@1yudh123 (65)
• Indonesia
27 Sep 09
if me crash bandicoot collection and CTR... that funny game...
• India
18 Mar 09
Hi there I am very much fond of pc games, i like to GTA & Halo series, these games are having excellent graphic specially in gta, Rocstar was present whole city in these game, while playing that game i feel like i wanna be a same assasin .......