Can u continue living even after ur death.....??

March 13, 2009 1:57pm CST
Do u belive in life after death..or in heaven or hell..?? I DON'T..!!but if given a choice i can continue living even after my death...!! HOW..??.. Well for me..i believe if i have even a single person..whose life i have improved in any way..who would continue to keep my thoughts..ideologies..principles..alive wthin him/her even wen im no more...i'l feel like being IMMORTAL. If only i can b a source of a motivation for dat much dat my words..would continue to influence him/her in his life for an overall betterment of his/her n those around him/her...i'll feel like i have continued living within him. Do u share d same opinion...??How would u choose to live even after death..??Within someone..thru ur works..thru ur writting..wat..?? Come n share urself..!!
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